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Happy Teachers' Day, Gurong PISQian!

  PISQians, October 5 marks a special day of celebrating the individuals who remain unfazed to make us learn amidst a pandemic and away from their loved ones. This week, let's honor our teachers - the unsung heroes of our academic success and the very reason we know how to read, count, write, and care for others. It is an understatement to say that 2020 has been a difficult year. And as we adjust to all of 2020's changes, so as our teachers. Some of us interact with our dear teachers through our phone and computer screens only but it's plain to see that on the other side of the screen is a teacher whose energy is as brilliant as before, whose care is as warm as before, and whose passion is stronger than ever. We look up to you, teachers. In behalf of the student body, please accept our sincerest gratitude. Thanks for all you do. Thank you for giving your best for all of us. Happy Teachers' Day. Yours, The Ilustrado

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