Soar High: PISQ Seniors speak on world issues and events through the Online MUN@NIA

Stressful as it was, you gotta have that confidence - inside and out!

Here are our PISQian Delegates slaying with style

Despite the ongoing pandemic, PISQians will never lose their voice! From November 11-14, PISQian students took the stage as delegates for the Model United Nations hosted by the Newton International Academy. With the support and guidance of Ms. Aikko Pelayo and Mr. Jaspher Tapiz, the PISQ students - or dare we say delegates were ready to take action! Curious? Read the full article here:


  Writer: Keziah Janelle C. Landicho

News Writer

Date: November 11-14, 2020

Venue: Discord (Online)

The online MUN conference at Newton International Academy was held last November 11-14 through Discord where various schools within Qatar, including PISQ, were in attendance. Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation and academic activity in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. This inter-school conference discussed formulating viable resolutions to the Global Sustainable Development Goals— topics that ranged from the question of the India-Pakistan conflict to the impact of COVID-19 on the environment. 

The delegates during the said conference and their respectful countries and committees were:

SDG 10

                Frances Joy L. Balani (Russia)
            Janeal Anne M. Agustin (United Kingdom)
            Andrea Ysabel Z. Jabola (France)

SDG 11

Neil Andrei C. Almario (United Kingdom)
            Ian Joseph M. Reyes (United States of America)
            George Dwight M. Delos Angeles (China)

SDG 13

Aicee Camille G. Varias (Russia)

SDG 16

Alexa Mae A. Bonjoc  (United Kingdom)
            Muhaimen G. Dibansa (United States of America)
            Ieasha Angela Reeana (France)
            Carl Angelo C. Casilag (Vietnam)

SDG 17

Rizky Wibawautama (Portugal)
            Moreen Nicole C. Amat (Dominican Republic)
            Jesse Francine Aguilar (Niger)
            Justin Varick S. Pacer (Tunisia)

The students were also tasked to deliver their country’s stance on the issue, what actions have been taken to address it, and what more can the committee do as a whole. Moreover, the MUN conference also involves debates where the delegates were encouraged to defend their country’s stance and the resolution they have come up with in order to solve each issue. 

During the closing ceremony, a handful of delegates from PISQ were also awarded for their exemplary skills throughout their sessions. Frances Joy L. Balani (France) and Janeal Anne M. Agustin (UK) from SDG 10 were both awarded Honorable Mention. Ieasha Angela Reeana (France) was awarded Best Delegate, while  Alexa Mae A. Bonjoc (UK) was given Honorable Mention, both from SDG 16. Samantha Isabel N. Facun (UK) from SDG 13 was also awarded Best Delegate. And Jesron P. Tabujara (UK), from SDG 17, was awarded Honorable Mention. 

All of the PISQ delegates who participated showed their commitment and passion for the issues presented and delivered remarkable speeches and statements on each. Truly, an engaging experience, where they all did well and rose to the occasion. Needless to say, all of the SHS students performed to the best of their abilities and made their alma mater proud! 


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