PISQIAN delegates express themselves during GUQ MUN

The six PISQIAN delegates in their d a s h i n g attires! The following students are Julianne Carmel Caday, Sophia Rhys Banados, Carl Angelo Casilag, Theola Amprecia Reago, John Michael Robles Jr. and Marcus Wein Monteiro.

PISQian Delegates in the house - literally! From November 12 to 14, the Georgetown University - Qatar held its annual MUN Spring Conference and invited the SHS students of PISQ to participate as delegates. Under the guidance of Sir Jaspher Tapiz and Ms. Aikko Pelayo, the 6 chosen delegates prepared for the 3-day MUN conference to be held via Zoom, and truly the efforts of the delegates did not go to waste. Why? Find out in this article:

 Written by: Mikola Aira T. Alabanza

 News Writer

Date: November 12-14, 2020

Venue: Zoom (Online)

“It’s really important for people to be aware that there are a lot of issues in the world that we have to put our mind to.” 

-Sophia Rhys Q. Banados, a PISQian delegate of Model United Nations

The Model United Nations (MUN) conference is held by many universities annually. Georgetown University Qatar (GUQ) is one of these universities that never fails in delivering an enjoyable learning experience to the participants. This event prepares students to discuss and tackle important issues and problems going on in the world. It seeks to develop students’ awareness and understanding about current world issues. This year’s GUQ MUN was held from November 12-24 and, unlike the previous years, took place through Zoom.

The event was open to all schools in and out of Qatar. From PISQ, six students participated, namely: John Michael S. Robles and Marcus Wein E. Monteiro as be a part of the Arab League committee, Carl Angelo C. Casilag was a representative of United Nations Educational Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Theola Amprecia Q. Reago for the Committee on the Status of Women (CSW), and Sophia Rhys Q. BaƱados and Julianne Carmel I. Caday as members of the Security Council (SC). Each was called a delegate and assigned a country and topic to speak about, which allowed them to express, and at the same time, learn different perspectives on said topics. 

Sophia Rhys Q. Banados shared her first experience in MUN, saying that “with the help of MUN, my confidence has been boosted and I improved my public speaking and debating skills.” It has also helped her “grow out of her comfort zone.”

Julianne Carmel I. Caday, another delegate,  also shared that the best part of this event was that she “had the chance to meet friends outside my school despite the ongoing pandemic.”

Moreover, one of the PISQian delegates, Carl Angelo C. Casilag of 12 HUMSS A, received an Honorable Mention for their outstanding performance in their committee.

Needless to say, PISQians never fail in delivering the best that they could in all endeavors they engage in. With their abilities to successfully participate in these inter-school events and come out of it with honors, it is no wonder why these students are one of the most competent young people in a variety of fields.


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