SHS Celebrates Math Day 2020 in the New Normal

Written by: Samantha Facun, Associate Editor

October 8,2020

  The students and faculty of PISQ continue to soar high and rise above the occasion—even in the midst of the pandemic! Senior high school students commemorated this academic year’s first academic celebration with the Math Quest, with the theme: ‘Moving Forward: Learning Mathematics in the New Normal’. The event was held via Google Meet last October 8, 2020 and was first kicked off with an opening speech by PISQ’s supportive principal, Mr. Jason A. Iyas. 

The event included a number of contests and activities that highlighted the skills and talents of the grade 11 and 12 students. The first being the Math-Talino Investigation where students were challenged to put their analytical and problem solving skills to the test as they solved a math problem that required them to utilize formulas, mathematical operations, pattern-finding, and communicative skills. 

Another contest held was the MathemaTIK-TALK, inspired by the newest social media platform, encouraging students to unleash their video editing skills and creativity of integrating their knowledge in Mathematics. Some students took TikTok trends and fused them with mathematical trivias, some opted to show the importance of mathematics in different fields, and others included various tips and tricks when it comes to solving problems. This videos were evaluated by PISQs very own Math Wiz Mr. John Mark Hermedilla and the very proactive counsellors, Ms. Liza Florendo and Ms. Rachelle Babiano.

All the entries for both MathemaTIK-TALK and Mathstagram are posted on the PISQ Sigma Prime SHS Mathematics Club Page where viewers were allowed to vote on their favorite videos.

The third activity held during Math Day was E-Mortal Combat, a spin on quizzes done with the use of Kahoot!, a fun interactive app where players solve problems and watch their names climb up a live leaderboard. Points were accumulated at real-time, making it an exciting match to experience and see.

Another well-awaited event was the Battle of Math-Tiniks, the Math Quest’s quiz bee. This event was done similarly to a game show, making the quiz bee more interesting for players and viewers alike. Moreover, you could say that this activity kept students on the edge of their seats because it was definitely a battle of wit and quick thinking skills as points would only be awarded to those who pressed their buzzer first. The points of each team were counted in real time through a scoreboard.

Last but not least was the Mathstagram, a contest for students who have a knack for taking fascinating photographs! Here, participants were told to capture pictures that best represented the principles of mathematics, complete with a short but captivating description. Distance was definitely not the problem as SHS sought for the help of Maria Catherine Borres from Downton Charter Academy, San Francisco, CA, USA, Prof. Irene Damaso from Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology, and Ms. Excelcis Tabilisma from  GEMS Winchester School Dubai to evaluate the pictures.

These pictures were posted on the PISQ Sigma Prime SHS Mathematics Club Page where everyone was free to share, comment, and react to the photographs that peaked their interest.

Truly, this pandemic was not seen as an obstacle in celebrating this year’s Math Day and was instead a way for students to adapt and show an even greater interest and enthusiasm for the commemoration of the day’s event.  

Results for the event will be out next week. Stay tuned!


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